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Student Generated Discussion Topic as a Formative Assessment

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Instructor Archana Mohan from Fresno State, uses a discussion assignment where students are asked to generate two questions based on their knowledge of the functions and parts of a microscope. This assignment facilitates peer-to-peer interaction and prompt feedback

QLT Objectives Met

  • QLT Section 2: Assessment of Student Learning
    • Objective: 2.5 Throughout the semester, the instructor provides multiple opportunities to give feedback on students’ learning, and to help students "self-check" their learning.


Additional Information

  • Material Type: Discussion
  • Author: Archana Mohan, Instructor
  • Institution: California State University, Fresno
  • Date Created: 2022-12-13
  • Course Format:   Online

QM Standard Equivalents

  • QM General Standard 3: Assessment and Measurement
  • Standard: 3.5 The types and timing of assessments provide learners with multiple opportunities to track their learning progress with timely feedback.