Certified Quality Online Courses

The Chancellor’s Office, Academic Technology Services has established formal course review of online courses across the 23-campus system using the CSU QLT or QM rubric with the goal to build a culture of quality and continuous improvement in online course offerings through cross-campus collaboration and recognition of mature courses that successfully meet QLT and/or QM standards.

Certified CSU-QLT and QM Online Courses

Certified Courses
Last Name   First Name   Campus   Course Name Sort descending Date Certified  
Jackson Summer East Bay Administration of Justice (CRJA 2500)
Van Wart Montgomery San Bernardino Administrative Regulation (PA 672)
Parsons Karla Fullerton Advanced Concepts I (NURS 340)
Rippy Michelle East Bay Advanced Criminal Investigation (CRJ 340)
Chai Kathleen Dominguez Hills Advanced Nursing Roles (MSN 502)
Marwah Sanjay East Bay Advanced Policing Innovations (CRJ 410)
Fernandez Teresa Bakersfield Advanced Spanish Syntax (SPAN 409)
Ault Michael Bakersfield American Government & Politics (PLSI 101)
Janssen Volker Fullerton American History Survey (HIST 180)
Jessie Mildred Fresno American History to 1877 (HIST 11)
Baggins David East Bay American Political Science (POSC 3703)
Wong Andrew East Bay Anthropology in the Modern World
Handwerker Lisa East Bay Anthropology of Global Change (ANTH 300)
Strom Kathryn East Bay Applied Research Methods
Mittman Asa Chico Arts Appreciation (ARTH 100)
Robertson Sue Fullerton Assessment & Evaluation in Nursing
Furniss Amy East Bay Astronomy (PHYS 1800)
Rippy Michelle East Bay Basic Criminal Investigation (CRJA 2200)
Del Mar Thomas Maria East Bay Beginning Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (MLL 146)
Derksen Craig East Bay Bio Ethics (PHIL 312)
Decker Kelly East Bay Biodiversity of California (BIOL 106)
Cleveland Steven East Bay Black Cinematic Tradition (ES 2300)
Garza Lacey East Bay Blackboard Training Course
Guptill Anne East Bay Building the Online Environment (OTL 680)
Damaraju Lakshmi Naga Sonoma BUS 452 Leadership
Seitz Stephanie East Bay Business & Professional Ethics (MGMT 3560)
Selvarajan Rajan East Bay Business and Professional Ethics (MGMT 3560)
Shea Raj East Bay Business and Professional Ethics (MGMT 3560)
Aguilera Earl Fresno C & I & Technology in Secondary Classrooms (CI 149)
Kelsi Perttula East Bay Chemistry and Society (CHEM 106)
Smith Sara East Bay Child Cognitive Development (HDEV 4110)
Smith Sara East Bay Child Language Development (HDEV 4120)
Ichinose Cherie Fullerton College Algebra (Math 115)
Aziz Sartaz East Bay College Writing II (ENGL 1002)
D'Alleva Mary East Bay College Writing II (ENGL 1002)
Baxter Sally East Bay College Writing II (ENGL 200)
Yadon Janie Bakersfield Community Health Nursing (NURS 441)
Stanley Mary Jo Stanislaus Community Health Theory (NURS 4400)
Baggins David East Bay Comparative Law (POSC 3290)
Baggins David East Bay Constitutional Law (POSC 3441)
Lancaster Jaime Humboldt Contemporary Topics in Economics (ECON 104)
Mitchell James East Bay Content Literacy/English Language Learners (TED 521)
Akhavian Reza East Bay Cost Accounting Control and Reporting in Construction (CMGT 660)
Guptill Anne East Bay Creating Digital Media for Online Instruction (OTL 6781)
Thomas James East Bay Creating Digital Media Online (OTL 681)
Rippy Michelle East Bay Crime Prevention and Control (CRJ 330)
Torres Santos Sacramento Cross Cultural Theory and Practice: Issues of Race, Gender, and Class
Chen Li-Ling East Bay Current Technologies (EDUI 680)
Barrett Natalie Fresno Deaf Culture (CSDS 139)
Wu Chongqi East Bay Decision Science (MGMT 3100)
Pan Fung-Shine East Bay Derivatives Markets (FIN 4315)
Hopkinson Bill East Bay Design and Implement User Interfaces for Online Instruction (OTL 682)
Thomas James East Bay Designing and Implementing User Interfaces for Online Instruction (OTL 682)
Hopkinson Bill East Bay Designing Curriculum for Online Instruction (OTL 6704)
Schiele Kristen Pomona Digital Marketing (GBA 5990)
Bonilla Diego Sacramento Digital Media Creation (COMS 106)
D'Alleva Mary East Bay Discursive Writing (ENGL 3003)
Sapozhnikov Marina East Bay Discursive Writing (ENGL 302)
Strom Kathryn East Bay Dissertation Seminar (EDLD 8086)
Park Nancy East Bay Early Japan, Antiquity to 1800 (HIST 3322)
Rezaei Ali Long Beach EDP 520 Research Methods in Education
Salley Witt East Bay Educational Planning and Development for Online Programs (OTL 605)
Wang Jianjun Bakersfield Educational Research (EDRS 4600)
Wang Jianjun Bakersfield Educational Statistics
Wang Jianjun Bakersfield Educational Statistics (EDRS 6600)
Castronovo Fadi East Bay Engineering Graphics for Construction Management (CMGT 410)
Knapp Stacey San Jose State Engineering Reports (100W)
Knapp Stacey San Jose Engineering Reports (ENGR 100W)
Decker Kelly East Bay Environmental Biology (ENSC 240)
Decker Kelly East Bay Environmental Biology Lab (ENSC 241)
Yonkers Michael Fresno Evidence (CRIM 127)
Prucha Huda East Bay Exercise and Well-Being (KIN 461)
Wu Meiling East Bay Experiencing Japanese Culture (MLL 3831)
Helgren-Lempesis Valerie East Bay Exploring Education (TED 3001)
Molina-Jackson Edna Bakersfield Family & Stress (SOC 464)
Powell Brent Stanislaus Family Health (KINS 4330)
Munger Ashley Los Angeles Family Resource and Case Management (CHDV 3440)
Shen Dong Sacramento Fashion and Human Environment (FASH30)
Tan John East Bay Federal Taxation for Partnerships (ACCT 433)
Tan John East Bay Federal Taxation for Partnerships (ACCT 433)
Pan Fung-Shine East Bay Financial Management (FIN 300)
Mosley Tammie East Bay Financial Management (FIN 3300)
Pan Fung-Shine East Bay Financial Management (FIN 3300)
Conrad Joann East Bay Folklore and Anthropology (ANTH 331)
Rippy Michelle East Bay Forensic Science (CRJ 380)
Dang Michelle Sacramento Foundations for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (NURS 170)
Daniels Erika San Marcos Foundations of Literacy & Literacy Instruction (EDUC 606)
Mitchell James East Bay Foundations of Single Subject Education (TED 5301)
Jacobs Marc East Bay From Stage to Screen (THEA 242)
Hillstrom Kathryn (Mandy) Los Angeles Fundamentals for Human Nutrition (NTRS 317)
Reitzel Amanda Humboldt Fundamentals of Speech Communication (COMM 100)
Narguizian Paul Los Angeles Global Change (BIOL 4200)
Rebessi Filippo East Bay Global Economics Analysis (ECON 3107)
Wu Chongqi East Bay Global Supply Chain Management (MGMT 3645)
Fernandez Maria Los Angeles Health Care Delivery Systems (PH 4330)
Diggs Nicole East Bay Health Care Policy Analysis (HCA 6260)
Dobrowolski Christine Humboldt Health Education: Optimal Bone and Muscle Development (HED 446)
Balaraman Rajan East Bay Healthcare Operations (MGMT 460)
Park Nancy East Bay HIST 1015 World Civilization II (HIST 1015)
Irwin Mary Ann East Bay History and Trends in Nursing (HIST 447)
Lee Jonathan San Francisco History of Asians in the U.S. (AAS 210)
Brueck Gregory East Bay History of California (HIST 3500)
Khosla Nidhi East Bay HIV/AIDS in a Global Context (HSC 445)
Karin Jaffe Sonoma Human Development in Evolutionary Perspectives (ANTH 318)
Wynants Shelli Fullerton Human Growth and Development (CAS 312)
Van Wart Montgomery San Bernardino Human Resource Management in the Public Sector (PA 662)
Lin Robert East Bay IIntro to Managerial Accounting (ACCT 215)
Farmer Lesley Long Beach Information and Digital Literacies (ETEC 523)
Lin Frank San Bernardino Information Systems and Technology Management (IST 609)
Wen Roger East Bay Informations Technology Management (ITM 3060)
Hopkinson Bill East Bay Interactivity in Online Environments (OTL 6783)
Hoke Shiori East Bay Intermediate Japanese II (MLL 2802)
Lu Hui-tzu East Bay Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I (MLL 2601)
Carlisle Robert Bakersfield International Folk Literature (ENGL 3440)
Whiting Jason Fresno International Tourism (RA 130)
Cleveland Steven East Bay Interracial Relationships, Sex & Marriage in Cinema (ES 3430)
Calvo Luz East Bay Interracial Sex and Marriage (ES 3430)
Bickley Tom East Bay Intro to Information Literacy (LIBY 1210)
Guo Ying East Bay Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACCT 2251)
Jan Chinglih East Bay Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACCT 2251)
Espinoza Alida Fresno Introduction to Human Sexuality (PH 91)
Adams Lee East Bay Introduction to Information Literacy (LIBY 1210)
Guptill Anne East Bay Introduction to Online Learning & Teaching (OTL 6701)
Kong Erick East Bay Introduction to Recreation Therapy (REC 3800)
Dekofsky Brooke Long Beach Introductory Nutrition (NUTR 132)
Furniss Amy East Bay Introductory Physics: Force, Mass, Motion, Thermal, and Fluids (PHYS 125)
Fricke Eric East Bay Investment Analysis (FIN 4310)
Akhavian Reza East Bay Issues in Construction Management (CMGT 6999)
Lankham Isaiah East Bay Issues in Statistics (STAT 697)
Morrison Jennifer San Jose Junior Seminar: Theorizing Communication (COMM 101C)
Wong Andrew East Bay Language and Culture (ANTH 3800)
Espana-Najera Annabella Fresno Latin American Studies (CLAS 170)
Cavanaugh Elizabeth East Bay Law Office Management (POSC 825)
Cavanaugh Elizabeth East Bay Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility (POSC 7042)
Greathouse Michael East Bay Legal Research and Writing I (POSC 801)
Handwerker Lisa East Bay Lifespan Human Development (HDEV 380)
Guo Jiansheng East Bay Lifespan Physical & Cognitive Development (HDEV 3101)
Guo Jiansheng East Bay Lifespan Social and Emotional Development (HDEV 3102)
Hunter Debra San Jose LING 21 Language and Thinking
Anderson Jonathan San Bernardino Managing Diversity in Organizations (PA 619)
Maloles Cesar East Bay Marketing Principles (MKTG 3401)
Diller Marselline Bakersfield Math Methods (EDEL 461)
Kahn Adam Long Beach Media Effects (COMM 422)
Handwerker Lisa East Bay Medical Anthropology (QNTH 3720)
Lopes Maria-Aparecia Fresno Mexico & The Southwest, 1810-1910 (CLAS 114)
Wu Meiling East Bay Modern Chinese Short Stories (MLL3612)
Park Nancy East Bay Modern Japan (HIST 3323)
Wu Meiling East Bay Modern Japanese Short Stories in English Translation (MLL 3812)
Wu Meiling East Bay New Chinese Cinema (MLL 3611)
Cleveland Leah Fullerton Nursing Research Evidence-Based Practice (NURS 310)
Prucha Huda East Bay Nutrition and Performance (KIN 162)
Lu Hui-tzu East Bay Online Chinese: An Elementary Intensive Course (MLL 1604)
Hannon Rie East Bay Online Elementary Japanese I (MLL 151)
Hoke Shiori East Bay Online Intermediate Japanese III (MLL 2803)
Faires Debbie San Jose State Online Learning Tools & Strategies (INFO 203)
Radovilsky Zinovy East Bay Operations Management (MGMT 3620)
Comelo Anil East Bay Organizational Behavior (MGMT 310)
Rao Asha East Bay Organizational Behavior (MGMT 3614)
He Heidi Bakersfield Pathophysiologic Basis of Illness & Disease (NURS 4230)
Ionescu Elena Long Beach Perspectives on Gerontology (GERN 400)
Park Nancy East Bay Postwar Japan, 1945-Present (HIST 3325)
Ichinose Cherie Fullerton Pre-Calculus (Math 125)
Kim Kimberly East Bay Preceptorship Synthesis (NURS 452)
Ituarte Silvina East Bay Prejudice Violence Hate Crimes (CRJA 4330)
Bhaduri Ritin Stanislaus Principles of Biology (BIO 1010)
Chen Li-Ling East Bay Principles of Instructional Design (EDUI 6210)
Ding Kai East Bay Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 205)
Jackson Tye Los Angeles Principles of Marketing (MKT 3100)
Mosley Tammie East Bay Problems in Corporate Finance (FIN 410)
Mitchell James East Bay Professional Responsibilities in Education (TED 529)
Hedge Vish East Bay Project Management (MGMT 3110)
Mitchell James East Bay Psychological Foundations in Middle and Secondary School (TED 5301)
Anderson Jonathan San Bernardino Public Administration Theory and Practice (PA 611)
Jelks Alton East Bay Public Policy Formulation (PUAD 6801)
Strom Kathryn East Bay Qualitative and Quantitative Methods A (EDLD 8081)
Wu Chongqi East Bay Quantitative Fundamentals for Analytics (BAN 602)
Ortega Delia San Bernardino Race, Class, Gender, & Sexuality in the Lives of Women (ES 394)
Mosley Tammie East Bay Real Estate Finance & Investments (FIN 4410)
Mosley Tammie East Bay Real Estate Valuation (FIN 4415)
Jardin Keelin East Bay Rec Therapy Processes (REC 4602)
Kong Erick East Bay Recreation Therapy Diagnostic Groupings
Kong Erick East Bay Recreation Therapy: Advancing the Professional (REC 4604)
Chen Li-Ling East Bay Research in Educational Technologies (EDUI 640)
Chen Rong-Ji San Marcos Research Methods in Education (EDUC 622)
Marion Robin San Marcos Research Methods in Education (EDUC 622)
Glaeser Barbara Fullerton Research Practices in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT 510)
Ratanasiripong Nop Dominguez Hills Research Utilization in Advanced Nursing Roles (MSN 530)
Hassman Tupelo East Bay Rhetorical Analysis, Argumentation, and Research (ENGL 1002)
Jardin Keelin East Bay RT Program Planning and Implementation (REC 364)
Kong Erick East Bay RT: Documentation and Assessment (REC 362)
Lankham Isaiah East Bay SAS Programming (STAT 6250)
Fanning Michael East Bay School Finance and Human Resources for Equity (EDLD 620)
McClanahan Rachel Fullerton School Nurse Specialist 1 (NURS 530)
Weissmann Debbie San Jose Seminar in Info. Science Intro to Scratch (INFO 287-14)
Weissmann Debbie San Jose Seminar in Information Science-Gamifying Info (INFO 287-11)
Damaraju Lakshmi Naga Sonoma Seminar in Management Strategy & Policy (BUS 491)
Suarez Theresa San Marcos Senior Capstone in Community Service (SOC 495)
Evans Allison Bakersfield Social Psychology (PSYC 3260)
Carlisle Robert Bakersfield Sociolinguistics (ENGL 420)
Selvarajan Rajan East Bay Staffing and Talent Management (MGMT 404)
Akkus Oylum East Bay Statistics in Everyday Life (STAT 101)
Vilhauer Heather East Bay Strategic Leadership & Ethics (REC 610)
Yingling Vanessa East Bay Structural Kinesiology (KIN 3305)
Servatius Jodi East Bay Teaching Models for Online Instruction (OTL 6702)
Mitchell James East Bay Technology in the Multiple Subjects Classroom (TED 507)
Schodowski Patricia East Bay Technology Tools for Instruction (OTL 6703)
Munoz Monica East Bay Technology Tools for Online Instruction (OTL 603_)
Orr Marsha Fullerton The Art and Science of Nursing (NURS 470A)
Khalsa Datta East Bay The History and Culture of Online Learning Communities (OTL 6707)
Poffenroth Mary San Jose State The Living World (BIOL 10)
Carlisle Robert Bakersfield The Structure of English (ENGL 3620)
Garon Maryanne Fullerton Theoretical Basis of Leadership and Organization in Nursing (NURS 511)
Sharpp Tara Sacramento Theoretical Foundations for Leadership and Management (NURS 173)
Santos Torres Sacramento Theories of Criminal Behavior (SWRK 126)
Handwerker Lisa East Bay Theories of Human Development (HDEV 3201)
Park Nancy East Bay Traditional China (HIST 3311)
Fields Bronwyn Sacramento Transitional Concepts: The BN (NURS 171)
Plough Bobbie East Bay Values and Purposes of Educational Leadership
Chen Li-Ling East Bay Web as an Interactive Educational Tool (EDUI 6110)
Buchanan Linda East Bay Women and Sport (KIN 2700)
Derksen Craig East Bay Workshop in Critical Thinking (PHIL 100)
Ferrarello Susi East Bay Workshop in Critical Thinking (PHIL 100)
Kaatz Kevin East Bay World Civilizations I (HIST 1014)
Klein Benjamin East Bay World History I: Pre-History c. 1500CE (HIST 101)
Klein Benjamin East Bay World History II: 16th Century C.E. - Present (HIST 102)
Hart Sara Humboldt World Religions (RS 105)
Sapozhnikov Marina East Bay Writing for Proficiency (ENGL 300)
Raburn Patricia East Bay Writing for Proficiency (ENGL 3000)
Ziff Georgie East Bay Writing for Proficiency (ENGL 3000)