CSU Online Course Services Branding Guide

Consistent, appropriate use of CSU Online Course Services branding enhances communication and is designed to work in tandem with official professional development course completion badges and official course certification marks. Below you will find guidance on how to use the key visual elements that make up CSU Online Course Services brand identity. Please contact ocs@calstate.edu to request CSU Online Course Services official wordmarks.


Official wordmark

CSU Online Course Services Official Wordmark

Alternate wordmark

CSU Online Course Services Alternate Wordmark

Social Media Identity

CSU Online Course Services Social Media Wordmark 

The CSU Online Course Services wordmark is in alignment with the core components of the CSU Chancellor's Office Branding Guidelines. The complete mark is comprised of the "CSU" block and the California State University name in type with the department name directly beneath.

Certification Marks

CSU Online Course Services issues certified course and peer review certification marks for CSU courses and CSU faculty and staff who have successfully met course certification and reviewer certification requirements.

QLT Certified Course

When you see the CSU-Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) course certification mark — in course catalogs, on websites and in learning management systems — it means that the course has successfully met CSU-QLT Rubric Standards for course design through the CSU QLT Course Review and Certification Process.

QLT Certified Peer Reviewer

When you see the CSU-Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) peer reviewer mark — on websites, signature lines and professional profiles — it means that the individual has successfully completed CSU-QLT course peer reviewer training through the CSU QLT Course Reviewer Certification Process.

Course Completion Badges

CSU Online Course Services issues course completion badges to CSU faculty and staff who successfully complete the following current course offerings. What are Digital Badges?

Intro to Teaching Online with QLT

Intro to QLT Badge

 Reviewing Courses Using QLT

QLT Reviewer Badge

Advanced QLT Course in Teaching Online

Advanced QLT Badge


Couse completion badges and certifications are issued by CSU Online Course Services through Badgr.comThis link will take you to an external website in a new tab..

Please contact ocs@calstate.edu to request official wordmarks, certification marks and/or course completion badges.