Systemwide Survey Results

Through the Student Quality Assurance Impact Research (SQuAIR) Community, CSU Online Course Services strives to determine the impact of Quality Assurance (QA) professional development and course certification on teaching performance and student success in CSU online courses. It is hypothesized that instructors who complete Online Course Services professional development and obtain course certification are better able to design and deliver online courses, more effectively engaging students and resulting in higher grades, show improved course completion rates, have higher student satisfaction, that ultimately results in a reduction in equity gaps. 

Student Survey Results

Students enrolled in online-blended courses taught by instructors who have completed at least one CSU OCS professional development course are sent this Student Feedback Survey as one method to learn the impact of OCS Professional Development on greater teaching and learning success. The survey is derived from the 24 Core Elements of the CSU Quality Learning and Teaching Rubric and is inclusive of the 23 Essential Elements of the Quality Matters Rubric.

Student Feedback Survey Results (Fall 2018 - Spring 2023)

Faculty Survey Results 

As part of CSU Online Course Services' efforts to support effective teaching and learning in online courses, we ask faculty to complete the Faculty Perception Survey. This is a significant element in our Student Quality Assurance Impact Research (SQuAIR) effort, where we analyze institutional data from online courses (e.g., course completion rates), student feedback regarding these courses, and faculty perception of related professional development or course certification experiences.

QLT Training Courses Faculty Survey Results (Summer 2020 - Current)