Learner Profile Survey - Open Ended Questions

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Quiz / Test / Polling


Sample of a Learner Profile Survey to learn more about your students. Composed of 13 open-ended questions.

QLT Objectives Met

  • QLT Section 1: Course Overview and Introduction
    • Objective: 1.8 Instructor asks students to share or reflect on their own learning goals.
  • QLT Section 2: Assessment of Student Learning
    • Objective: 2.6 Throughout the semester, the instructor provides multiple opportunities to solicit feedback from their students about their learning and on the course for the improvement of the course.


Additional Information

  • Material Type:  Quiz / Test / Polling
  • Author:   Nataliya Acc-Nikmehr, Instructor
  • Institution:  California State University, Long Beach
  • Date Created:  2021-06-21
  • Course Format:   Online, Hybrid / Blended
  • LMS:  Desire2Learn