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Introductions: "Self Presentation" Meet and Greet using VoiceThread

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Gabriela Ford, an Instructor at CSU Los Angeles, created an activity where students introduce themselves in a meaningful way by engaging in a virtual Meet and Greet the first week of the semester. Using VoiceThread students record an introduction with the goal of humanizing and providing a safe and supportive environment from the beginning in order to foster an active learning community.

QLT Objectives Met

  • QLT Section 4: Student Interaction and Community
    • Objective: 4.1 At the beginning of the course, instructor provides an opportunity to have students self- introduce themselves to develop a sense of community.
  • QLT Section 6: Technology for Teaching and Learning
    • Objective: 6.2 Technological tools and resources used in the course enable student engagement and active learning.


Additional Information

  • Material Type: Discussion
  • Author: Gabriela Fried, Instructor
  • Institution: California State University, Los Angeles
  • Date Created: 2021-06-23
  • Course Format:   Online, Hybrid / Blended

QM Standard Equivalents

  • QM General Standard 1: Course Overview and Introduction
  • Standard: 1.9 Learners have the opportunity to introduce themselves.
  • QM General Standard 6: Course Technology
  • Standard: 6.3 A variety of technology is used in the course.