Plagiarism Workshop Wrap-Up Activities

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The plagiarism workshop was originally developed for face-to-face delivery in 2006 and moved online due to COVID. At this time, the workshop was redesigned so that students can work together on the practice exam. Meeting in Zoom, students take the assessment quiz independently and then we watch the Plagiarism Video as a class. Students are then placed in breakout rooms where they work together on the practice exam to prepare for the post test that they then take individually. While in Zoom students have the opportunity to ask the instructor as well as their classmates questions and the delivery of the workshop provides multiple opportunities to give feedback. These experiences allow students to summarize and wrap-up the workshop experience.

QLT Objectives Met

  • QLT Section 9: Course Summary and Wrap–Up
    • Objective: 9.1 The instructor provides students opportunities to ask questions as a form of closure and to foster insight into accomplishments.
    • Objective: 9.2 The instructor provides closure to wrap-up the course.


Additional Information

  • Material Type:  Assignment
  • Author:   Judith Scott, Instructor
  • Institution:  California State University, Fresno
  • Date Created:  2021-07-19
  • Course Format:   Online
  • LMS:  Canvas

QM Standard Equivalents

  • QM General Standard 3: Assessment and Measurement
  • Standard: 3.5 The course provides learners with multiple opportunities to track their learning progress with timely feedback.