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Instructions for Using Respondus Lockdown Browser

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Assessment Tool


Archana Mohan, Instructor from Fresno State, uses a summative assessment in Canvas using Respondus Lockdown browser and a Webcam. The instructor provides instructions for the quiz and a link for downloading the Respondus tool and provides simple instructions for navigating to the quiz, once Respondus is installed.

QLT Objectives Met

  • QLT Section 6: Technology for Teaching and Learning
    • Objective: 6.3 The instructor provides clear information regarding access to the technology and related resources required in the course.


Additional Information

  • Material Type: Assessment Tool
  • Author: Archana Mohan, Instructor
  • Institution: California State University, Fresno
  • Date Created: 2021-07-14
  • Course Format:   Online

QM Standard Equivalents

  • QM General Standard 6: Course Technology
  • Standard: 6.2 Course tools promote learner engagement and active learning.