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Syllabus - Alignment Chart

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Maureen Smith, an Instructor at San Jose State University, provides an alignment matrix that aligns the weekly activities with the course level objectives. The matrix provides the assignments, points, percent of the total, minimum number of words, and affiliated learning outcomes.

QLT Objectives Met

  • QLT Section 2: Assessment of Student Learning
    • Objective: 2.3 The learning activities (including the assignments and ungraded activities) must align to the course or module SLOs and promote or reference the specific SLO to be achieved.


Opening Matrix of Assignments, Points and Learning Outcomes in new window or tab.
Matrix of Assignments, Points and Learning Outcomes This link will take you to an external website in a new tab.

Additional Information

  • Material Type: Syllabus
  • Author: Maureen Smith, Instructor
  • Institution: San Jose State University
  • Date Created: 2021-07-07
  • Course Format:   Online

QM Standard Equivalents

  • QM General Standard 2: Learning Objectives (Competencies)
  • Standard: 2.4 The relationship between learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments is made clear.
  • QM General Standard 5: Learning Activities and Learner Interaction
  • Standard: 5.1 The learning activities help learners achieve the stated objectives.