Possible Lives Mapping Activity with Accompanying Jamboard

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Loren Collins, a Faculty Development Coordinator from Cal Poly Humboldt, supports faculty in the implementation of a range of Career Development activities within courses and majors to help students prepare and translate their time in college to the potential fields and careers of interest. One of these activities leads students through imagining a range of possible lives they could have through different careers and mapping out how to prepare for them. The activity comes from "You Majored in What" by Katharine Brooks and has been adapted for a classroom environment. In an online environment - students can post their Possible Lives Maps onto their own slide in a collection of Jamboards and interact with each other by posting post-its and commenting.

QLT Objectives Met

  • QLT Section 4: Student Interaction and Community
    • Objective: 4.4 Learning activities facilitate and support active learning that encourages frequent and ongoing peer–to–peer engagement.
    • Objective: 4.5 The modes and outcomes for student interaction are clearly communicated.


Opening Possible Lives Map Assignment in new window or tab.
Possible Lives Map Assignment This link will take you to an external website in a new tab. Possible Lives Map Lesson Plan This link will open a PDF file..pdf

Additional Information

  • Material Type:  Assignment
  • Author:   Loren Collins, Faculty Developer
  • Institution:  California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt
  • Date Created:  2021-02-15
  • Course Format:   Online, Hybrid / Blended
  • LMS:  Canvas

QM Standard Equivalents

  • QM General Standard 5: Learning Activities and Learner Interaction
  • Standard: 5.2 Learning activities provide opportunities for interaction that support active learning.
  • Standard: 5.4 The requirements for learner interaction are clearly stated.