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Wellness Check Discussion

Wellness Check Discussion
California State University, Fresno
This brief weekly discussion created in the Canvas, helps facilitate a line of communication between the student and the instructor by providing a way for students to check-in. The discussion encourages them to let the instructor know how they are doing in regards to the class or just life. It helps them know that there is someone else out there that has their back and is concerned about how they are doing and lets the instructor know if there is a need to contact the student for additional assistance. In addition, the discussion can be used as a way to monitor student participation.

Peer Part Planning

Peer Part Planning
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
The course teaches students how to best use 3D CAD modeling software. Each assignment requires a large amount of planning and forethought before starting to make a model. To help address this issue, the Peer Part Planning assignment breaks students into small groups and has them come up with a basic plan/outline for how they can approach the creation of the model.

Partner Discussions on VoiceThread

Partner Discussions on VoiceThread
California State University, Fullerton
VoiceThread was selected for this activity to allow students to engage in audio/video discussions with partners in an asynchronous environment without having to create separate discussion boards or threads for each pair. The example includes instructions, prompts, and how to set up the discussion in VoiceThread. This activity can be easily adapted and used for any course that has students partner and discuss a theme, topic, article, or other course material.