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Class Diversity Statement

Class Diversity Statement
California State University, San Bernardino
This Class Diversity Statement helps to set the tone for classes that can be difficult and controversial due to subject matter. This statement clarifies the role of both student and instructor in terms of verbal exchanges/discussions in the classroom. It also promotes proper communication etiquette, tolerance and understanding, and respect for each other. The skills learned from this activity are used beyond the classroom, helping to create a more accepting and tolerant society. This statement is reviewed together as a class to promote understanding and mutual consideration.

Online Netiquette Discussion Expectations

Online Netiquette Discussion Expectations
California State University, San Marcos
An example where this instructor went above and beyond the normal etiquette rules to include guidance for students on how to disagree, make arguments, and be kind to other students. She gives them instructions on how to argue an idea and not argue with a person directly.