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Survey - Personal Goals and Influences

Survey - Personal Goals and Influences
California State University, Chico
This survey is intended to be used at the beginning of the semester to learn about the students in the class, any potential and perceived obstacles to their success, as well as their academic and personal goals. The intent is to engage with students much earlier in the semester so that obstacles can be addressed before they become insurmountable. Additionally, the survey result will inform examples used in the course so that they are more relevant and accessible.

Building Community in a Fully Online Course

Building Community in a Fully Online Course
California State University, Fresno
The instructor uses Google Slides to create community and interaction between instructor and students in this online graduate course. Community Building activities are assigned intermittently throughout the course to give students an opportunity to engage and interact in a non-high stakes forum while getting to know more about each other along the way. It is a win win and a highly favored activity among her online students.