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Start Here Module

Start Here Module
Sacramento State University
The Start Here Module contains information that ensures students are successful from the beginning of the course. This module contains an Overview & Introduction, the Syllabus, Course Etiquette expectations, Technical Competencies, and a Learner Profile Survey. To provide clarity, these items are organized in Canvas using text headers to identify the various sections.

Advanced QLT Course in Teaching Online - Course Introduction Page

Advanced QLT Course in Teaching Online - Course Introduction Page
California State University, San Bernardino
This course introduction page was developed to include clear instructions for accessing the course materials, contacting the instructor, and describing the objective of the course. The page also includes an introduction video to introduce students to the course, and create a sense of community with the instructor at the onset.

Welcome Page - Instructor Information

Welcome Page - Instructor Information
California State University, Fresno
This highly engaging and interactive Welcome Page includes a variety of ways that students can contact the instructor. The information also included in the syllabus, facilitates a quick way for students to find the information they are looking for.