QLT Rubric

QLT 8.2 Instructor supports a range of learning styles and abilities for all students, rather than making reactive accommodations for those with registered disabilities. (0)
QLT 8.6 The instructor and course use officially supported campus technologies, which are already fully accessible and assistive technology ready. Any third–party tools used are accessible and assistive technology ready when feasible. (0)
QLT 9.1 Instructor provides students opportunities to ask questions as a form of closure and to foster insight into accomplishments. (0)
QLT 9.2 Instructor provides students with feedback about their overall learning and progress and their experiences of the term. (0)
QLT 9.3 Instructor provides opportunities for students to reflect on their learning and connect their individual learning goals with the expectations (stated learning objectives and outcomes) of the instructor. (0)