QM Rubric

QM 4.3 The course models the academic integrity expected of learners by providing both source references and permissions for use of instructional materials. (0)
QM 4.4 The instructional materials represent up–to–date theory and practice in the discipline. (0)
QM 8.2 The course design facilitates readability. (0)
QM 8.3 The course provides accessible text and images in files, documents, LMS pages, and web pages to meet the needs of diverse learners. (0)
QM 8.4 The course provides alternative means of access to multimedia content in formats that meet the needs of diverse learners. (0)
QM 8.5 Course multimedia facilitate ease of use. (0)
QM 8.6 Vendor accessibility statements are provided for all technologies required in the course. (0)