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Application (Stage 1 of 3)

Pre-Application Checklist

Review the seven steps below to ensure that you have completed a thorough informal campus course review before your course is ready to be submitted for formal course review certification.

  1. Complete an informal self-review of the course using either CSU QLTThis link will take you to an external website in a new tab. or QM (via the QM portal). Make sure to document for each objective the evidence where each objectives is MET in the comments/feedback section.
  2. Course is informally reviewed at the campus level
  3. Course must have been already taught online (ie. Mature course)
  4. Course is taught 100% fully online
  5. Course has measurable course AND modular objectives
  6. Run accessibility check on your course and make as much accessibility remediation to materials as possible

Application Process

  1. OCS campus lead must:
    1. Complete the CSU Course Review ApplicationThis link will take you to an external website in a new tab. (ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS).
    2. Upload the syllabus, module objectives, and QLT/QM self-review with the application.   
    3. Email Ashley Skylar (CSU OCS Manager) indicating an application has been submitted. See below components that are included in the application:
      • Campus, OCS campus lead, Instructor Name, Course Name & Description, Upload syllabus, QLT/QM self-review, and module objectives.
  2. OCS campus lead is notified whether the course meets criteria for online course maturity. If the course does not meet criteria, OCS campus lead will be given reasons why and encouraged to reapply when conditions met.

Course Review Stages

Questions and Support

Ashley Skylar, Ph.D., Online Course Services Manager