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Notification (Stage 3 of 3)

  1. The Review Chair submits the final report, which is shared with the instructor and their OCS campus lead.
  2. If the course reviewed does not meet CSU QLT or QM criteria for certification, the instructor is provided detailed feedback and a timeline for making revisions. When subsequent revisions are completed, the instructor will notify the Review Chair.
  3. The Review Chair reviews the changes and communicates with the instructor and their OCS campus lead.  If the course meets certification, the instructor is notified.
  4. The instructor is sent a certification letter and CSU QLT or QM certification logo to embed in their course.
  5. The instructor is recognized as a CSU OCS Certified Reviewer
  6. The instructor is strongly encouraged to submit course exemplar(s) to the the Quality Assurance Resource Repository.

Course Review Stages