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Review (Stage 2 of 3)

  1. A team of 3 reviewers is selected from the CSU Peer Reviewers Database and asked to serve on the review.  This includes a Review Chair and 2 external reviewers from other CSU campuses, with one of them having related subject matter expertise.
  2. Once review team members have confirmed willingness to serve on the course review, the Review Chair and campus OCS campus lead are notified.
  3. OCS campus lead "clones" the online course undergoing review and provides access to review team members.
  4. Review Chair sets up and conducts a pre-review conference call with the review team, OCS campus lead, and course instructor.
  5. During the pre-review conference call, a timeline for the review will be set and the instructor will answer any initial questions the review team has about the course before officially launching the review.
  6. Review team members review the course and independently draft their individual review forms.
  7. Review Chair conducts a post-review conference call with the  team to deliberate (e.g., QLT Rating Discrepancies TemplateThis link will take you to an external website in a new tab.) and discuss the course review and criteria for certification across the CSU QLT objectives/QM standards.
  8. After deliberation, each member of the review team will submit their completed course review.

Course Review Stages


Ashley Skylar, Ph.D., Quality Assurance Manager